Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rocky Mountain Way

Artist: Joe Walsh

Living Under Occupation: Daily Life In Occupied Palestine

A film made by EFA MEPs François Alfonsi, Jill Evans and Ana Miranda during their visit to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Interview For The Toughest Job In The World - مقابلة عمل لأصعب وظيفة بالعالم

Funk #49

Artist: James Gang

Israel's New Racism: The Persecution Of African Migrants In The Holy Land

Courtesy Of The Nation

About 60,000 African migrants have arrived in Israel since 2006, fleeing unrest in their home countries. But upon arrival in the ostensibly democratic country, the migrants have faced intense persecution and have been branded as "infiltrators" by right-wing politicians and activists.

For more, read Max Blumenthal's article, "Israel Cranks Up the PR Machine,"

Monday, April 21, 2014

Assalamu Alayka Ya Rasool Allah - السلام عليك يا رسول الله

This version is by Albanian sisters, in Albanian and English.

O Taiba your breeze is so blessed
Indeed it brought life back to my spirit
I've left my heart with my beloved
Sending blessings on Muhammad

Përjetësisht Me Ty
(Forever With You)

Original by Maher Zain:

Maher Zain - Assalamu Alayka (English):

Maher Zain - Selam Sana (Turkish):


Artist: Ted Nugent

Israel Is A Racist State

By Joel Northam

In this report, Joel Northam explores the question: What happens when you condense 500 years of conquest and colonial expansion into 65 years, possess the latest high tech weaponry, sprinkle a little bit of imperialist patronage of the United States to the tune of 30 billion dollars a year in military aid, possess a vast nuclear arsenal, and gift wrap it all in a nationalist ideology that would make every fascist dictatorial regime in history proud?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Assalamu Alayka - السلام عليك يا رسول الله

Lyrics: Salah Galal
Melody: Maher Zain
Arrangement: Emre Mogulkoc
© 2012 Awakening Records

رقت عيناي شوقاً .. ولطيبة ذرفت عشقاً
فأتيت إلى حبيبي .. فاهدأ يا قلب ، ورفقاً
صل على محمد

السلام عليك يا رسول الله .. السلام عليك يا حبيبي يا نبي الله 
السلام عليك يا رسول الله .. السلام عليك يا حبيبي يا نبي الله 
يا رسول الله 

قلب بالحق تعلق .. وبغار حراءَ تألق 
يبكي يسأل خالقَهُ .. فأتاه الوحي ، فأشرق
اقرأ اقرأ يا محمد

يا طيبة جئتك صباً .. لرسول الله محباً
بالروضة سكنت روحي .. وجوار الهادي محمد

السلام عليك يا رسول الله .. السلام عليك يا حبيبي يا نبي الله 
السلام عليك يا رسول الله .. السلام عليك يا حبيبي يا نبي الله 
يا رسول الله

In Memoriam

Artist: Nox Arcana
Music: Peter Bjärgö
Lyrics: Cecilia Bjärgö

The memory of a long life
The aching of a loved one
The reminiscence of what's been
The feeling of hurting
In Sadness
In Memoriam

The recall of compassion
The longing of your warm embrace
The fear of being left alone
The feeling of sorrow
In sadness
In memoriam

The remembrance of a dark time
The emotions of profound grief
The fear of falling down to deep
The feeling of mourning
In sadness
In memoriam